Workshop 1: Materials & Devices Characterization
The aim of the present workshop consists in presenting the synthesis and the characterization of Graphene. Several production methods (CVD,  epitaxial growth, exfoliation, …) will be overviewed, as well as the characterization of  the synthesized samples using various specific experimental techniques such as STM,  HRTEM, Raman, ARPES, … A series of targeted talks have been selected in order to  present the state of the art in this research area.
Workshop 2: Chemistry, Biosensors & Energy
Due to its attractive properties is known that graphene has many potential applications in biomedicine and is growing rapidly. The workshop will try to cover different applications such as tissue engineering, biosensing, drug delivery, etc. The latest developments and advances for bio applications will be discussed as it’s foreseen a lot of potential and opportunities ahead.
Workshop 3: Electronic Devices
This workshop aims at presenting the current state of the art and the opportunities of graphene-based materials/devices and related structures for emerging technologies in the field of flexible electronics and transparent conductors, high frequency devices, digital logic, ultimate sensors and related applications. Many electronic devices (televisions, smartphones screen displays, electronic devices, etc) will be built with graphene. It’s expected that the graphene electronics market will grow considerably in the future.